The Food Keeper
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The Food Keeper


The Food Keeper is the literal translation of the French term for pantry, le garde manger, chosen as a testament to our own respective French-American backgrounds. As the name implies, we hope to highlight a range of perspectives across cultures and beyond borders through this series of essays and photographs.

Eating is central to all of our lives, and it has a vital impact on our wellbeing. Food has long been a vehicle through which people sustain themselves, inspire others, and strengthen their communities. Our aim is to catalog the myriad approaches to eating in order to defy the typical trope of the woman who belongs in the kitchen, or the one who lets society dictate her relationship with food.

Through this platform we want to portray the rich and various personal histories of women and how their approaches to food reflect their values and perspectives about life more broadly. Empowerment comes from education, knowledge and open-mindedness. By featuring intelligent, badass women on The Food Keeper, we hope to inspire our readers to claim their own voices regarding food and to examine the underlying convictions that drive their lifestyles.

We are always looking to elevate more people through The Food Keeper, so if you would like to share your story with us, get in touch at

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