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Angèle Ferreux-Maeght

Chef and public figure Angèle Ferreux-Maeght first rose to notoriety for her ethical catering services in the fashion world. Her culinary creations and the philosophies behind them were so well-received that Angèle has since become a respected figure in France on the topic of healthy eating and positive lifestyle.  After establishing herself in the fashion world, she has opened two small shops in the I  and then another in the XI Arrondissements of Paris. From these spaces, she sells fresh foods made according to naturopathic and holistic traditions and prepared by an all-female team at her garden atelier. Angèle has also published two books, appeared on TV channel France 5, and continues to work on numerous other projects for spreading her bright messages with no signs of stopping. When given the chance to peer into Angèle’s inner world, it becomes clear that her success is a natural manifestation of an alignment of values, matched with equal parts humility and love. In fact, it is clear that success isn’t the central object of her focus at …

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Lindsey Tramuta

Journalist and author, Lindsey Tramuta, has been living in Paris for over a decade now. In that time, she has seamlessly integrated herself into French culture, speaking without a trace of an accent. Often vacillating between that and her native American English, she reflects on the intersections of culture that have begun to imbue the city’s long revered cosmopolitan nature from a truly unique and fascinating perspective. Born and raised in the U.S. and a French citizen since 2014, Lindsey herself is the personification of the cultural intermingling that has begun to enhance Parisian life that she writes about in her work.  On a personal level, she has approached food as a key aspect of cultural assimilation in her new home, aptly recognizing its importance as a focal point in the French social landscape and French people’s philosophies towards life more broadly. “It’s funny because I wasn’t actually someone who thought or cared that much about food growing up. It wasn’t until I came to France when I was 20 that I was exposed to …


The Unbearable Lightness of Budapest

Budapest has accumulated its own sense of vibrant mystique over the years. It has had a tumultuous past that’s set it on its own distinct trajectory compared to other major cities in Europe like Paris, London, Rome, or even nearby Prague. When I went in mid-April, spring was just beginning to emerge. The weather was warm, and the trees were beginning to blossom. The many iconic buildings and sights were brought to life amidst tender pink blooms and budding leaves in shades of vivid green. Even walking around without spending a dime is enough reason to visit this place. Budapest speaks for itself.   Getting the lay of the land Budapest straddles the Danube River. The Pest (pronounced “pesht”) side is the flatter half of the city where the Jewish Quarter is situated. Perched on a hill at the western bank of the Danube you will find the Buda side. From the vantage point of the Szechenyi Bridge, which connects the two halves of the city, you can see the historic Romanesque buildings standing with dignity against …