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Angèle Ferreux-Maeght

Chef and public figure Angèle Ferreux-Maeght first rose to notoriety for her ethical catering services in the fashion world. Her culinary creations and the philosophies behind them were so well-received that Angèle has since become a respected figure in France on the topic of healthy eating and positive lifestyle.  After establishing herself in the fashion world, she has opened two small shops in the I  and then another in the XI Arrondissements of Paris. From these spaces, she sells fresh foods made according to naturopathic and holistic traditions and prepared by an all-female team at her garden atelier. Angèle has also published two books, appeared on TV channel France 5, and continues to work on numerous other projects for spreading her bright messages with no signs of stopping. When given the chance to peer into Angèle’s inner world, it becomes clear that her success is a natural manifestation of an alignment of values, matched with equal parts humility and love. In fact, it is clear that success isn’t the central object of her focus at …